How Happiness Thinks

Tuesday, February 8, 7:00pm - Tuesday, March 1, 12:00am
3904 West Park Blvd., Plano, TX

Fire and Soul Havdalah

Saturday, February 12, 7:45pm -
Chabad LW Patio

Shabbat Unplugged February Ed.

Friday, February 25, 12:00am -
Chabad LW Patio

Drinks & Dreidels IV

Wednesday, December 1, 7:30pm to 11:00pm
7300 Windrose Ave. a130, Plano, TX

Outsmarting Antisemitism

Tuesday, November 2, 7:00pm - Tuesday, November 23, 12:00am
Chabad LW Patio

Shabbat Unplugged Fall Ed.

Friday, October 22, 7:30pm -
Chabad LW Patio (Address provided upon RSVP)

Simchat Torah!

Tuesday, September 28, 7:30pm -
Chabad LW Patio


Thursday, September 23, 6:30pm -
Chabad LW Sukkah

Yom Kippur with Chabad LW

Wednesday, September 15, 7:15pm -
Chabad LW High Holiday tent, Plano, TX

Rosh Hashanah with Chabad LW

Monday, September 6, 7:30pm -
Chabad LW High Holiday Tent, Plano, TX

Challah Bake Rosh Hashanah Ed.

Thursday, August 26, 8:00pm -
Chabad LW Patio

Shabbat Unplugged August

Friday, August 6, 7:30pm -
Chabad LW Patio, Plano

Shabbat Unplugged

Friday, June 11, 7:30am -
Chabad LW Patio, Plano

Shavuot Ice Cream Social

Monday, May 17, 6:30pm -
Chabad LW Patio

Medicine and Morals

Tuesday, May 4, 12:00am - Tuesday, May 25, 12:00am
4001 Westmoreland Dr., Plano, TX

Lag on the Lake

Thursday, April 29, 7:00pm -
521 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, TX

Passover with Chabad LW

Saturday, March 27, 7:30pm -
Chabad LW Patio

Passover Pre-Game

Tuesday, March 16, 8:00pm -
Chabad LW Patio

Purim at the Gallery

Thursday, February 25, 6:30pm to 10:30pm
7700 Windrose Ave g175, Plano, TX

Artisan Hamantash Bake ft. Busy in Brooklyn

Monday, February 22, 6:30pm -
The Internet

The Inner Worlds of Exile and Exit

Tuesday, January 5, 8:00pm - Tuesday, January 26, 12:00am
Provided Upon RSVP

Backyard Chanukah Bash

Thursday, December 17, 7:00pm -
Private Backyard ~ Address Provided Upon RSVP

Girls Night Challah Bake

Thursday, November 19, 7:30pm -

Shabbat Minyan + Cholent

Saturday, November 14, 10:00am -

Yids do Yoga

Sunday, November 8, 11:00am -
5400 Windhaven Pkwy, Plano, TX

Coffee X Kabbalah

Sunday, November 1, 10:00am -

Shabbat Unplugged

Friday, October 30, 6:30pm -
Provided Upon RSVP, Plano, TX

Yom Kippur in the Tent

Sunday, September 27, 7:30pm - Monday, September 28, 6:45pm

Rosh Hashanah

Saturday, September 19, 12:00am - Tuesday, September 22, 12:00am
4001 Westmoreland Dr., Plano, TX

The Passover Seder

Wednesday, April 8, 7:30pm - Thursday, April 9, 11:00pm
Provided Upon RSVP

Purim House Party

Tuesday, March 10, 5:30pm to 9:00pm
Provided Upon RSVP

Money Matters

Tuesday, March 3, 8:00pm - Tuesday, March 31, 9:15pm
Provided Upon RSVP

Challah Bake for a Cause

Thursday, February 27, 7:00pm - Monday, November 30, 12:00am
6101 Ohio Dr, Plano, TX